WorkJoy & Pancakes – The Organizational Side

What is your favorite breakfast food?
Mine is pancakes.

The reason is there’s really no right or wrong way to eat a pancake.
There is not one side that tastes better.

Neither side of a pancake is more important.
Both sides matter.

Likewise, if one side gets burned it effects the taste of the other side.
Again, both sides matter.

It’s the same way when it comes to our work.

To experience joy at work there are two equally important sides.

1. You should make your work a better place.
2. The work place should make you a better person.

You should add value to the business, non-profit endeavor or church.
And the business, non-profit endeavor or church should add value to you.

Often, we think about a single side of workjoy.

How does the employee add value to the organization?

This is obviously a critical component to staying employed and finding joy at work.

You have to work at work for things to work!

I work for a staffing firm called Slingshot Group. We help people build remarkable teams and here is a behind the scenes look at some of the criteria we use as we evaluate the value a person is adding to their organization.

  • Immediate chemistry

Would you rehire the same person today?

  • Team health

Does the candidate improve team dynamics?

Has the entire staff been positively affected by the candidate?

  • Individual contribution

Has the team member brought visible value beyond their role requirements?

  • Ministry momentum

Are there improved ministry area results under the candidates leadership?

Are new leaders being added to the candidates ministry area?

  • Organizational capacity

Does the candidate increase the energy level of the leadership team?

Does the candidate increase the influence of your church in general?

Has the candidate helped you gain new ground as an organization?

These are great questions you can ask when it comes to discerning value from the employer side of the relationship. However, the side of workjoy that often gets undervalued or burned. Is the personal, me side. In order to truly experience workjoy, it must be two sided.

You should make your work a better place
and your work place should make you a better person.

Here are several ways you can find value from an employee side of the relationship and experience and become a better person as you also create a better place.

  • Work in teams. This will make your product better. It doesn’t matter what you are creating a team will enable you and other to accomplish more, with less stress (eventually) and in less time.
  • Work in strengths. This will make your potential better. It doesn’t matter what your creating or leading if you create and lead from your strengths (delegating your weaknesses) you will produce better things, in less time and with less stress.
  • Work ahead. This will make your process better. Good things happen in the margin. When we “work ahead” we make our careers, calling, family, friendships and personal life taste better.

Workjoy occurs when we add value to a place and that place adds value to you as a person.

Who you become is more important than what you do.

Decide today to strive for double-sided workjoy!

Are you more eggshell or semi-gloss?

We just had the Clark Cottage painted recently and I learned a lot over the five day period from the painters.

Did you know there are 5 levels of sheen in the world of paint?

– High gloss
– Semi-gloss
– Satin
– Eggshell
– Matte

When it comes to understanding your life …

Do you know your sheen?

Did you know that you are the most important person you will lead this week?
And you are the most difficult person you will lead this week.

Most leaders who are no longer leading others have found themselves in that spot because they quit leading or couldn’t lead themselves.

Over the years, understanding who I am has been critical to understanding who God is calling me to be and where He is calling me to invest my one and only life.

It has given the the ability to say yes.

And it has given me the ability to say no, with confidence, to great opportunities.

Here are my top four ways to gain insight into your unique sheen.

1. Get a LifePlan. In January of 2017 Rene and I spent four days in the Patterson LifePlan process and it revolutionized our lives. You can find more information here – Paterson Center.   And my wife Rene also leads people through 2-day personal and private LifePlan retreats at our cottage in Huntington Beach, CA. More information here – ReneClark.Com

NOTE: A LifePlan is not about you crafting your dream for your life, but unearthing Gods dream for your life.

2. Do the Enneagram. This diagnostic tool not only reveals your sheen that looks beautiful, engaging and everyone wants to see, but it also gives insight into the potential pitfalls and “dark side” of your sheen / personality. The side that often creeps up on you but you don’t know why. This tool, when facilitated by a pro, can help you see the other side of you.

3. Give trusted people permission. Allowing trusted friends and family members to speak openly into your life could surprise you. They stare at your exterior all day long. And though they might not know how you feel on the inside all the time … they will have a pretty accurate appraisal of how shiny or dull you are on the outside.

4. Get alone. Get away with only a blank notebook and ask God to speak to you. If you are feeling stuck and like God is quiet … then write everything you want to say to Him. Then just draw an empty box or circle on your paper … and wait for Him to speak words into your heart. Write down what your heart says. Then meditate on those things.

Do You Have Incompatible Wishes?

Are all of our wishes compatible?

Can we accomplish all we wish and dream to do?

The short answer is no.

I have found that many people are plagued and ultimately left feeling tremendously guilty by a pursuit of “incompatible wishes.”

Incompatible Wishes: A series of good and noble dreams that cannot be realized in unison.

Here is an example of my recent incompatible wishes.

I want to be the lead pastor of a mega (giga) church AND I wish to write a book, spend time with my family, build a benevolent photography brand and lead the senior team at Slingshot Group in staffing and coaching.

These are all good wishes.

But they are incompatible when considered in unison.

When I stood at the ledge of leading one of the largest churches in the United States, I realized I could not do that and accomplish the other good things God had placed in my head and heart.

So I had a choice …

Which wish to pursue … because finite amounts of time, energy and resources make these good wishes incompatible.

Look at all of the wishes you have before you right now in your life.

  • You may have some giant, good and noble dreams.
  • Incredible opportunities.
  • Once in a lifetime invitations.

Here is the good news … if Gods calling on your life is simply to “work in His Kingdom” then you have a lot of latitude on how, when and where you do that.

Invest your life in the area that makes your heart beat fast.

And don’t heap guilt on yourself when you can’t “do it all.”

“All” is not possible because many of your great wishes and awesome opportunities are just incompatible.

These good and noble things could possibly be accomplished in a sequence, but not in unison. 

Admitting some of your wishes are good, but incompatible, will allow you to live infectiously and curiously.

Bitcoin Baby?

I wonder if you have jumped into bitcoin / altcoin and crypto this New Year?

I have a small stake in BTC (Bitcoin), XLM (Stellar Lumens), XRP (Ripple), ETH (Ehteruim), TRX (Tronix) and XVG (Verge) as we begin 2018.

It has been a tumultuous 10 days as I watch these coins crash.


Then crash yet again.

Here is what I wrote in my journal this morning as I listened to Bethal Music w/out words on my Apple AirPods.

“Here is what is true … every earth based financial investment I make in this life will eventually fade, disappoint, stress, rust, collect moths and crash.

But my investment in God, His Kingdom and His Holy Word does not ever fade, disappoint, stress, rust or collect moths. It is crash proof.”


This is what I believe.

This is where I must live.

Can you make a buck while you make a life?

Of course.

But too much focus on a buck will also crash your life.

< = > New Year. 

How Just One Single Push-Up a Day has Changed My Life

It’s simple …

One push-up never equals just one push-up.

When I make myself get on the floor for “just one” push-up it always becomes 10, 20, 30 or more.

“I’m here now … I may as well do a few more.”

And that is how just one push-up has changed my fitness level.

So, how has it changed my LIFE?

Well …

  • Just write a few sentences … always becomes a few paragraphs.
  • Just walk around the block … always becomes a mile or two.
  • Just send one text of encouragement … always becomes three or four.
  • Just one minute in the Bible … always becomes 20 minutes.

Just one little anything has the potential to become a whole lot of something and change your life.


It’s A Little Less Is More Kinda Year.

I have decided to write more and less in 2018.

I am not sure about you, but the “less is more” mindset has never been more real or relevant to me.

Time seems to be my most precious commodity.

Therefore, in this New Year, I plan and pray to write less, more often.

In fact, I am working on a post now that I plan to publish in the next 12 hours.

It’s short but sweet and won’t eat too much of your time.

You can apply it, or not.

You can Evernote it, or not.

You can agree with it, or forget it.

It’s a little less is more kinda year.

How To Act When God Doesn’t Act Like We Think He “Should.”

Ten hours before the horrific shootings began at Mandalay Bay I was speaking to three Sunday morning services at Verve Church, just off the Las Vegas strip.

I was talking about how we “should on God” when God doesn’t act like He “should.”

Midway through the message God led me to pause and say …

“I am going to share something with you now
that could save your FUTURE FAITH in God.”

At some point in the future, it could be today or tomorrow or next month, God is not going to act like we think He “should.”

And you will have choice to make …

Will you continue to trust God,
even when He does not act like
you think He “should?”

Little did I know that less than 10 hours later I would be inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel watching a band about 10:30pm and in the midst of this surreal event.


                                             Police / SWAT moving by us as we hid inside Mandalay Bay


Police outside Mandalay Bay.  Thousands being evacuated an hour after shooting began.


Here is my message from Verve Church this past weekend.

How do we act when God doesn’t act like we think He “should?”


NOTE: This message is from the forthcoming book “Meet The Shoulds” and the teaching series “SHOULD HAPPENS” that will be available at the end of this year.

The Genius of Collecting Emptiness

Generally speaking, in life, would you prefer something to be full or empty?

In most areas of life we would prefer something be full rather than empty. It’s better to have a full can of soda, plate of cookies or gas tank … than an empty one. When it’s your birthday you would rather your Facebook or Instagram timeline be full of birthday wishes … rather than empty. And what about Thanksgiving or Christmas? Would you rather have a house full of friends and family … or a quiet, empty and lonely house?

We tend to prefer fullness over emptiness.

And listen, God is all good with fullness. He wants you to have life and have it to the fullest.

But there are times when God prefers emptiness.

Sometimes emptiness is the only thing God can bless.

In this short message I spend some time talking about the importance and genius of collecting emptiness.


“Totally Connected & Yet Lonely” A Three Minute Look At Our Facebook Friendships

We know more about each other and our world than any other era in human history.

We are as connected as ever
but also as lonely as ever.


This three-minute video takes a fun and sobering look at our online lives.



Good Crushes Great – Thoughts on Becoming a Triple Threat

As I live a multi-hyphenate life I often get questions from people wondering if I am diluting my influence or gifts.

I do have to keep this in mind because it’s easy for a curious person to hide in their curiosity and never really accomplish anything.

That being said, when I ran across this “triple threat” concept I had to share it. It comes from Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip.

The concept is
if you want to live an extra-ordinary life
you basically have two choices …


1. Become the best at one thing.
2. Become very good at 2-3 things.

The first strategy, becoming the best at one thing, is unbelievably difficult. After all, very few people will ever sell a million records or books or win even one olympic gold medal.

The second, becoming very good at 2-3 things, on the other hand is doable! I believe all of us, with some discipline and desire, can become very good at several things.

Not over night, but over time.

For instance, I am not the best …
– Communicator
– Photographer
– Leader

But over time I have be able to move from good to very good, some might argue this:), at all three.

Developing a “triple threat” of skills can become your genius.

Of course everything in life is essentially a remix of gifts, skills and passions … but what is your unique version of the remix?

Running in more than one lane
can actually lead you further in life
than running in only one lane,
when those multiple lanes begin to merge!


Live curious friends.